Cash Dash POS Gets A Rave Review from Top Retail Mag!

Cash Dash - Retail News Article Sept 2019

Cash Dash POS – The Secret is Out!

(Retail News – September 2019 Issue)

Cash Dash specialises in tailor-made EPOS solutions including card payment, custom loyalty & discount options, e-commerce and bookkeeping software solutions, tailored to your needs.

After 15 years designing and building technologies such as Point of Sale, ATM, kiosk and card payment technologies for AIB, tech whiz Rory O’Síocháin founded Cash Dash to offer retail and hospitality businesses customisable systems which are built around their specific needs, no matter how large or small the business. “Competing systems simply can’t match the same level of bespoke customisation and attention to detail,” O’Síocháin states.

Cash Dash drives innovation while keeping pace with technological advances as they continue to evolve, offering you a sure-fire way to future- proof your business. With technologies covering stock control, loyalty/discount programmes, e-commerce integration and customer accounts, accepting cash, card, Apple pay and Android pay has never been easier. In fact, your own custom designed and printed gift cards, account cards or loyalty cards are available for that extra personal touch.


Adaptable Features

“Standard cash register and EPOS units are standalone, non-integrated devices, using features from the 90s that simply don’t fit today’s needs,” O’Síocháin argues.

“You wouldn’t buy a laptop with Windows 95 today, so why limit your business by purchasing outdated software that hinders your possibilities?”

Cash Dash has many innovative features and solutions which ensure you and your business can continue to adapt. Even better, your Cash Dash solution can continue to be tailored as your needs change and your business grows. For example, Cash Dash will support Facebook’s new Libra digital currency from launch next year.

Tablet-based systems are ‘one size fits all’ which require internet availability to access the cloud. Can your business survive without its EPOS for a day, let alone a week, if your router needs to be replaced or roadworks disconnect you? Cash Dash doesn’t require an internet connection and operates 100% offline for as long as required.


Fully Integrated Solution

Cash Dash technology works as hard as you do and will provide a fully integrated solution. This drives efficiency, saves you time and money and provides your customers with a convenient, rock-solid service. The software is quick to learn and easy to use, with complimentary onsite installation and training enabling your staff to get up and running quickly. The intuitive system ensures the utmost accuracy by limiting the potential for error.

With a number of very powerful features, the easy to use Back Office software (which is included free of charge with all purchases) will also save you, your staff and your book-keeper hours of time with accurate on-site or cloud-based access to reports. These daily, weekly and monthly reports, covering sales and inventory, can be easily exported to Excel. The end-of-shift report feature breaks down sales by the operator, payment type, product category, sales, VAT and more. The team at Cash Dash also offer exceptional and reliable customer support. Should an issue arise, the support team dial-in remotely (via an encrypted connection for the utmost security), to immediately provide an instant solution.

Cash Dash has grown into one of Ireland’s most trusted, innovative and easy-to-use retail technology service providers. Based between Wicklow and Dublin, Cash Dash specialises in tailor-made EPOS solutions including card payment, custom loyalty & discount options, e-commerce and book-keeping software solutions that offer businesses custom bespoke technology to suit
their individual requirements at a very competitive price. The success of this approach shows: Cash Dash has doubled its revenue every six months over the past five years. It’s hard to keep something this great a secret for long!

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