Elo X-Series 15-inch X3, i3, 4GB/128SSD, PCAP, Win10

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Elo TouchSystems X-Series 15-inch X3 AiO Touchscreen Computer, Intel Core i3 2.1 GHz 4350T Dual-Core, 4GB/128SSD, PCAP (TouchPro Projected Capacitive) – 10 Touch, Win10

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The Elo 15-inch X-Series is an innovative, all-in-one, standard-aspect touchscreen computer that offers a sleek form factor with flexibility, power and endless configuration possibilities. With a compact design, the X-Series is ideal for applications in any retail, self-service or hospitality environment that requires a small footprint POS terminal or kiosk. The highly versatile platform provides maximum configurability and offers you unprecedented freedom of choice in the design of your AiO system.

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