GK420d, DT, 203dpi, EPL+ZPL, USB, Serial, Parallel, Dispensr

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Zebra GK420d Direct Thermal 203dpi Printer, EPL/ZPL, USB/RS232 Serial/Parallel (Includes USB Cable & UK/EU Cords)

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Zebra GK420 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

The Zebra enhanced GK420d direct thermal printer offers the best value in a basic desktop printer, featuring a fast 5 inches per second print speed to meet your low- to medium-volume printing requirements. The GK420d has a sleek and compact design, boasts the smallest footprint in a 4-inch desktop printer, and supports a variety of applications and industries.

The GK420d comes standard with EPL and ZPL programming languages, and triple connectivity (USB, Auto-sensing serial and Centornics parallel) for easy integration into existing systems. For additional flexibility, 10/100 internal Ethernet is also available.

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